The Duct Doctor Difference

Duct Doctor of Baton Rouge LA

Since 1985 Duct Doctor has been improving the quality of indoor air in homes and in the workplace. The company was founded by Dr. Gerald Vanderpool, a premier allergist, in order for his patients to breathe healthier air in their homes. He recognized that the air being circulated throughout homes by the heating and air conditioning duct systems carried many contaminants especially harmful to persons with allergies and other respiratory conditions.

Today the company is providing “The Duct Doctor Difference” to most all eastern U.S. states, two foreign countries, and has earned it’s No. 1 rating in the air duct cleaning industry. With its 31 years of experience, this difference includes, but is not limited to, the best equipment, the best cleaning procedure, and uniformed and well-trained technicians. With its proprietary vacuum truck Duct Doctor has the power to extract all contaminants from inside air duct systems outside homes and commercial buildings safely into the filter compartment inside our vacuum truck.

Duct Doctor USA of Baton Rouge is owned and operated locally and the price quoted does not change. This service is really “Good Medicine for the Air You Breathe”.

The Best Equipment

Duct Doctor USA is America’s No. 1 Air System Cleaner and since 1985 has cleaned public and private school systems and universities throughout the eastern U.S. During these 31 years we have developed proven procedures and clean to NADCA standards (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) in order to both improve the indoor air quality and materially reduce the energy costs for schools to run their air conditioning systems by 20% to 25% or more.

Following are the advantages of choosing Duct Doctor that demonstrate “The Duct Doctor Difference” setting us apart from other duct cleaners:

  • Our 31-year experience and attached list of satisfied schools and
  • All of our technicians have been trained by NADCA certified Air System Cleaning Specialists (A.S.C.S.).
  • Our proprietary Vacuum Truck has two systems driven by the diesel engine of the truck. The vacuum power of 9,000 CFM exceeds the blowing power of conditioned air produced by facility system’s associated ductwork being cleaned. The compressed air system, also driven by the truck’s diesel engine, produces 200 PSI of air up to 400 feet from the truck to drive specific agitation devices selected for each type of ductwork in order to dislodge and make airborne all debris accumulated inside the ductwork.
  • For health reasons all debris and contaminants within the air systems are removed and carried outside the occupied space, safely into the filter compartment inside our truck. Others using small portables with inadequate vacuum power to extract what they have disturbed inside the ductwork.
  • We have selected and use the most effective products for the elimination and control of biological contaminants, soot sealing, and encapsulation of interior ductwork and insulation.
  • Duct Doctor, using the combined back up of all our franchisees, has the capacity to clean entire school systems and has developed scheduling of projects in order to both respond quickly and minimize interruption during school terms of operation
Air Duct Cleaning Baton Rouge

Duct Doctor’s Patented Vacuum Truck is second to none in the industry. The cleaning systems on the truck are powered by the diesel engine of the truck.

The vacuum unit develops negative air, or suction power, capable of moving 6 to 8 times more air than the average systems in residential homes.

The air compressor produces 200 P.S.I. air pressure to drive agitation devices specifically selected for each type of duct work. For each of two 250 ft. airline reels there is a water separator that prevents moisture getting into the ductwork of the residence.

The best agitation devices are selected specifically for cleaning your type ductwork.