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New Orleans residents and property owners know that keeping your home comfortable and dry can be a challenge at the best of times, which only makes it all the more important that you keep your ventilation and ductwork as clean as possible. Dirty ducts and dryer vents can contribute to a number of problems around your home or office—problems which will grow in scope and expense over time.

Air Duct Cleaning in New Orleans
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Why clean your ducts?

There are a few key benefits of air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning that make it a crucial component of property maintenance, including:

HVAC efficiency. Your heating and cooling systems need to push air through the vents to get anything done. If the way is blocked, that means less air passes through for the same output of force. Which means your system runs more to achieve less. Dirty and moisture accumulation can also greatly shorten the lifespan of your HVAC systems.

Air quality. Dirty ducts means dirty air, with all the problems that entails. Headaches, allergies, poor sleep, asthma, and dozens of other problems can be tracked directly to bad air quality.

Moisture. Dirty ducts means poor ventilation, which in turn means moisture accumulation. In the humidity of Louisiana, that very frequently means serious problems such as mold, pests, or water damage. Dirty dryer vents can also allow significant buildup of moisture in or around the heating coils of your dryer, damaging or ruining it over time.

Pests. Dirty vents make a great home for all those unwanted guests; the moisture, the surfaces to grab hold of or house up in, the reduced air flow. All of it can contribute to serious bug problems. If you’re dealing with pests, make sure you include duct cleaning in your removal process.

Electronics. Bad air quality can wear down electronics in a hurry; all those dust particles interfere with heat removal, cause shorts, and get in the way of mechanical components.

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