Duct Ductor Louisiana has the training, experience, equipment, and capacity to professionally clean ductwork in any size commercial building. From smaller offices to the largest industrial buildings, we can efficiently and thoroughly clean the entire duct system.

The Most Experience

Since 1985, Duct Doctor has focused extensively on air duct cleaning. With over 30 years of experience, our team has developed proven processes to effectively perform any size job. Commercial and industrial environments are often complex and involve sensitive areas, and we have experience in these areas. We've cleaned ductwork in hospitals, the computer center at the Navy's nuclear submarine simulator facility, and facilities at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The Best Equipment

Our proprietary vacuum technology is capable of providing larger amounts of negative air than standard industry vacuums. This allows us to extract more debris and contaminants from larger duct systems, such as those in complex buildings and industrial developments. As an example, our franchisee in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) deployed our 10" vacuum hose through a stairwell to the 17th floor of an apartment building, successfully cleaning two units and removing debris down 17 floors to the truck parked at street level.

A Green Industry

Increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system results in long-term energy conservation. The EPA has produced studies indicating that the removal of debris and contaminants from ductwork is capable of reducing running time of HVAC systems by up to 30%. Reducing energy consumption is good for the environment and directly correlates with savings in energy costs. A reduction in operating costs is possible when your commercial air system is running efficiently. These savings are a material benefit of choosing Duct Doctor to clean your ducts.


Louisiana's #1 Choice for Schools

Duct Doctor USA is America’s No. 1 Air System Cleaner and since 1985 has cleaned public and private school systems and universities throughout the eastern U.S.

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Industries We've Served

Duct Doctor Louisiana has experience in cleaning air system ducts in nearly every industry. Our systems and approaches are proven in cleaning ducts in systems of all sizes.

Industries and entities we frequently work with include:

  • Hospitals
  • Military Installations
  • Ships/Maritime facilities
  • Commercial/corporate buildings
  • Banks
  • Schools & Universities
  • Medical Labs
  • Factories & Manufacturing facilities
  • Court Houses & Federal buildings

Specifications for Commercial Cleaning

Duct Doctor subscribes to the basic concept of source removal duct cleaning, and therefore does not recommend the introduction of chemicals of any kind into the air distribution center. The EPA and the National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH) are skeptical of the claims made by manufacturers of anti-microbial and duct sealants.

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