Air duct and dryer vent cleaning in Covington, LA

Duct Doctor of Louisiana offers full service duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning for residential and commercial customers in a huge service area around our home base in Baton Rouge — including the Covington and Mandeville areas.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service - Covington  LA
Air Duct Cleaning Service - Covington LA

Why clean your ducts and vents?

Duct cleaning offers a host of benefits to health, energy efficiency, and the general wear and tear of your property.

Not only do dirty ducts contribute directly to allergic reactions and asthma attacks from dust and other debris, they can encourage the growth of molds due to accumulated moisture, wear down your electronics and HVAC systems at an accelerated pace, and force your heating and cooling systems to work harder for the same results.

Dirty ducts can also provide a home for pests, contributing further to worse air quality, damage to your property, and general unpleasantness. This makes air duct cleaning an important step in eliminating any pest presence in your home.

Benefits of HVAC Duct Cleaning:

  • Improve air quality by removing allergens from ducts
  • Remove biological contaminants from the air
  • Increase energy efficiency of your HVAC system

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning:

  • Reduce drying time for laundry loads
  • Reduce the risk of fire from blocked vents
  • Increase your dryer's energy efficiency

Why Duct Doctor?

Working with Duct Doctor as your duct and dryer vent cleaning service means experienced, accredited technicians using the latest technology for the task. Whether you’re a residential customer hiring us to improve air quality in your home or a commercial client looking to cut costs and improve margins, you can be rest assured the service we provide will help you achieve your goals for a healthier, more efficient building.

Our multi-step process ensures the cleanest results possible, with NADCA-certified technicians manually removing debris from each vent before attaching a high-pressure air sweeper to your ducts. After that, we vacuum up all the loose materials with our patented vacuum truck, carrying away all the contaminants to another location for safe disposal.

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If you’re in Covington or one of our other service areas around Baton Rouge, call today to schedule a cleaning. You can also email us using the form below. Our technicians will be happy to discuss our process and the finer details and benefits of our cleaning service and work with you to ensure a quick, efficient solution.

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