If your dryer is taking longer than one cycle to dry the clothes, it may be time to have the dryer vent cleaned! Over time, dryer vents can become clogged, and built up with dust and lint. Without removing this buildup, it can damage the dryer, and possibly be a fire risk to your home or business!


We use a safe and proven, 3-Step approach, to removing dryer vent debris:

1. We inspect the vent prior to cleaning. This allows us to see where the vent is running, and it allows the homeowner to view the amount of buildup inside the vent.

2. After the inspection, we begin the cleaning process. We use up to 200psi of high compressed air to agitate and remove the debris from the dryer vent. This buildup is often a combination of dust and lint, however, we have also cleaned out several bird nests!

3. Finally, we perform a final inspection to ensure there are no blockages remaining, and that all debris has been removed from the dryer vent.


Q. Do you need to move the dryer?

A. In some cases, we may need to remove the dryer in order to access the vent. This will allow us to ensure the vent line is clean from connection point to exhaust point.

Q. Do you clean inside the dryer or provide repair?

A. Duct Doctor is a single source provider, and does not inspect nor repair the actual equipment. We provide cleaning and inspections of the dryer vent only.

Q. Can you clean flexible dryer vent ducting?

A. Dryer flex will generally become brittle over time. As such, our high compressed air method could cause damage if we try to clean this section of the dryer vent. If there is a buildup, or if moisture is found in the flex, we will replace the applicable section.

Q. Can you clean dryer vents that go out the roof?

A. Absolutely, we use our same high compressed air agitation method, and HEPA Vacuum to collect the debris. We may have to access the dryer vent in the attic space to ensure the vent is clean from connection point to exhaust point.

Q. How often should the dryer vent be cleaned?

A. Dryer vent cleaning is highly dependent on usage, so cleaning it annually may not be needed for each of our customers. At a minimum, we recommended having the dryer vent inspected annually.