America’s No. 1 Air Duct Cleaner

Duct Doctor Louisiana at residential job

Since 1985 Duct Doctor has been improving the quality of indoor air in homes and in the workplace. The company was founded by Dr. Gerald Vanderpool, a premier allergist, in order for his patients to breathe healthier air in their homes. He recognized that the air being circulated throughout homes by the heating and air conditioning duct systems carried many contaminants especially harmful to persons with allergies and other respiratory conditions.

Today the company is providing “The Duct Doctor Difference” to most all eastern U.S. states, two foreign countries, and has earned it’s No. 1 rating in the air duct cleaning industry. With its 31 years of experience, this difference includes, but is not limited to, the best equipment, the best cleaning procedure, and uniformed and well-trained technicians. With its proprietary vacuum truck Duct Doctor has the power to extract all contaminants from inside air duct systems outside homes and commercial buildings safely into the filter compartment inside our vacuum truck.

Duct Doctor USA of Baton Rouge is owned and operated locally and the price quoted does not change. This service is really “Good Medicine for the Air You Breathe”.