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Air ducts and dryer vents don't stay clean forever. At some point in time you're going to need to have your air ducts cleaned, but you'll want to enlist the assistance of someone who understands how to do their job professionally. This is exactly what we do at Duct Doctor. We have served Baton Rouge for more than 32 years and we haven't failed our customers at any moment in our history. Duct cleaning is a specialty reserved exclusively for those with the right expertise, who use only the best equipment for each job, whether that includes duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning. Even better, we treat the people of our city just like family.

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Baton Rouge Air Duct Cleaning Service

How do we do it?

The first thing we do with every job is take out our non-collapsable hose and use it to clean out any noticeable debris in the duct. After we've cleaned out the duct, we make sure to do a thorough job of going through it another time in order to make sure we haven't missed a spot. Our vacuum is specially designed in order to make sure every single job is done to perfection. Since nobody else has a vacuum quite like ours, nobody else can provide this quality of service.

How does our equipment compare to the rest?

Our vacuum also allows us to do more than air duct cleaning. The basic mechanics behind dryer vent cleaning are essentially the same as those behind duct cleaning. One reason our vacuum is superior to others is the sheer power of it. The Duct Doctor is 30-40 times more powerful than the rotary brush vacuums you often see used by others. Despite the superior strength, this model will do much less damage than others. The power and the precision is why we are the most widely supported duct cleaner in all of Baton Rouge.

Residential Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

As the local leader in HVAC duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning in Baton Rouge, we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to properly clean your HVAC ductwork. Having properly cleaned ducts will improve air quality in your home and improve your HVAC system's energy efficiency. In addition to properly maintaining your HVAC ducts, it is important to properly service and maintain your dryer vent. A dirty, clogged dryer vent can cause many problems and brings with it many risks to you and your family's safety.

Benefits of HVAC Duct Cleaning:

  • Remove allergens from your air (and reduce indoor allergy symptoms)
  • Remove biological contaminants (and reduce the likelihood of illness)
  • Improve energy efficiency of your system

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning:

  • Improve your dryer's efficiency
  • Reduce the average drying time for a load of laundry
  • Reduce the risk of fire from blocked vents

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